Drifting further away, and shrinking

Fading away

The milestones of my boys – reaching 2 years and 6 months respectively, recently – has of course, as these things go, turned my mind to my own father.  He passed away when I was in my late teens, as I’ve written before, both here and at another blog.  What I’ve been realising lately though, is [...]

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The Dad Joke gene strikes again


It’s happened again – I was just hanging around and being normal, when the dad joke gene kicked in and I let another doozy out. It wasn’t intentional… really. Here’s what happened: My wife and I were putting Leo to bed, when she started talking about what they were doing tomorrow.  E’lise mentioned to Leo [...]

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Family weekend away

We took our first family holiday as a foursome this weekend – our first time away just the four of us. We stayed in Healesville and went to the Sanctuary. It was only an overnight trip, but we had a wonderful day in and enjoyed the break together.

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A father’s time is more valuable than gold

I’ve been spending a lot of my commuting time lately thinking about the amount of time I spend with my kids, and how best to balance that against my requirement to provide for them, through making a success of my career and my personal self.

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The heartache of unexplained injuries

We’ve had a tough week with Leo. Our son lost the use of his left leg, without explanation.

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Mea culpa

It’s time for a confession – I am quite behind on content for this little website and no matter how much I keep putting sticky notes around my desk, I won’t ever find a full day where I can write solidly and catch up on everything.

So here’s my plan at restoring things to up-to-date goodness…

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6 months old

Our boy was born 6 months ago today. What an amazing time it has been.

6 months… it’s gone so quick, and in other ways, feel like it’s been a long time coming. When I think back to the experiences and challenges we’ve faced, it seems a little implausible that they’re all crammed into a 6 month period. But they are, and here we are.

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First word – ‘Mum’

Leo said his first word this morning, unexpectedly really; it caught us off guard. He was in his cot and his mother was tidying up his room a bit and he wanted to be picked up, when all of a sudden he came out with, “Mum”!

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Eating real food

Another first – our boy is now eating some real food! He had his first real experience with food (mushed, of course) last night and loved it.

I was pretty proud to see this, a first step towards becoming a ‘big boy’, as they say in the classics.

There’s been quite a bit of discussion amongst us and relatives who’ve had babies before (either this generation or previously), about when is best to start feeding babies some food.

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